Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Yep, these are definite keepers!"

A few weeks ago our family had a family night out to Panera Bread for dinner and then Barnes and Nobles for entertainment (cheap entertainment if you don't buy a ton of books, LOL).

Babygirl couldn't wait to run to the kids section to put on a show. She said she had a show to do on the stage, so we needed to hurry so she wouldn't be late. The stage is where they do reading time for the kids. Well it was a friday night and there were quite a few people in the bookstore and a ton of people in the kid section with many on the little stage. As soon as she saw all those people, suddenly her show went to intermission, and she went over to the trains to play with.

Youngest son, my sunshine, had a great time looking at books with Daddy trying to find a good book that would fit his reading ability. Plus he loved following widget around, which drove widget crazy.

Widget had just bought a book at a christian book store so he was trying to settle into a quiet spot to read his book.

My oldest son was not with us, he was spending the night at a friends house. They were leaving early sat morning for a band expo in Baltimore. I wasn't sure I could get him to school that early (I was on call for the hospital) so he spent the night with his best friend who could get him there.

Anyways, as I was watching babygirl play the trains, I saw a some books on cooking for kids. I called widget over as he has an interest in cooking. We browsed the books together and found an awesome cookbook for kids. It is Paula Deen's my first cookbook. It is great! It tells the kids with words and pictures exactly what they will need to complete the recipe. The pictures are great to show kids exactly what a wire whisk would look like so they can get it themselves. It seemed to have some really cool recipes in it too. So we decide to get it with the understanding that widget has to make sure to ask for the ingredients prior to wanting to make something. We have experience in him wanting to make something and then becoming frustrated because we didn't have all the ingredients. (Like I keep junior mints on hand to make Mickey mouse ears on cupcakes. LOL.)

Anyways, he agreed. Well he decided on his first recipe and asked me to buy the ingredients, which I did. So on monday when all the kids had off we dove into this recipe. Widget didn't start with something simple either. He chose homeade soft pretzels. Goodness gracious child. I haven't even made those. But away we went. I thought for sure we totally messed up with the dough rising. But we kept on and rolled out the dough and tied the pretzel knot and put them in the oven and WHALA!!!! We had some very good pretzels. Widget was very pleased and announced

"Yep. These are definite keepers!"

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