Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sickness again

I have sickies in the house again. Babygirl is sick AGAIN. She came home from school with a belly ache and lethargic. This morning she woke up with a fever. Yuck! Oldest son came home from school half day (school got out early due to the snow) and he too had a fever, headache and sore throat. I gave him some motrin and offered to put a movie in for him to watch. He said " No thanks mom. I am going up stairs and go to sleep." WOW. I knew he was reallly not feeling well.

Time to break out the Lysol again and the bleach and start wiping every possible surface I can. We must get rid of this sickness. We had to cancel small group 2 weeks ago for sickness (babygirl was throwing up). I don't want to cancel again. Plus we are supposed to have a superbowl party here after we have small group. This is the first winter in a LONG time that sickness has been a problem. We normally have all our sickness in the spring for some reason. Oh well. Now I need to go wipe down the bathroom door handles before I forget. Germs begone!!!!!

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