Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well today has been very successful. Not as succesful as I needed it to be, but definitely good. I was able to get some good deep cleaning done, cleared off the top of the refidge, cleaned babygirl's play closet (it's an area underneath the the stairs that we made into a closet for storage, but then into a little girls hideaway. She has her kitchen set and a table in there, so when I make dinner, she can pretend and make dinner for her dolls. Plus she can have a place to go and escape from her brothers. She goes in there turns the light on and closes the door. It is a perfect little place for a little girl to go and use her imagination.) Plus we cleaned the bunny cage, cleaned out a cabinet, reorganized the old playroom that now has become a catch all room. I want it to become an exercise room. We moved all the bookshelves out and in to the library . All the toys were moved upstairs to the rec. room. So now we have a treadmill,weights, a t.v., an oversize chair, some computer equipment and the bunny that is left in the room. If I can find a new home for the bunny, then we would totally have an exercise room. I will have to see what we can do about finding a new home for the bunny. Anyone want a bunny?

Even though I didn't get it all done today, more projects than getting ready for small group and superbowl, it was a productive day. Maybe I will have a little more steam left to finish the kitchen before bed. I doubt it. LOL!

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