Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bedtime converstions

Last night as I was putting my middle 2 sons to bed. We got into a converstion about 2nd son's size. He asked "Mom, do I have a disease like cousin?" His cousin has a disease in which he cannot digest and absorb food properly. Therefore he has a feeding tube. Because of this disease he did not grow for about a year and is very tiny for his age.

My son was questioning why he (son) is so small. I began to tell him that his great uncle was the very same way, until his senior year in high school. Then he grew and is now 6'2". But I also cautioned him, hubby and I are not very tall either. We talked about not worrying about it because we can't change the way God made him. I wanted son to know that he is exactly the way God made him. To be proud of how God made him. There is not another one in this world that is exactly like him. To know God could have made him a giant, but chose to create him exactly the way he is. I asked "Do you get teased about your size?" he said "No, I was just wondering if I had a disease or something, because all my classmates are so much taller than me." I said "Oh. Son, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Be confident in who you are and how God made you. I know you may wish it was different, but embrace who you are." Son said "It doesn't really bother me, well sometimes it does, but I do like my nickname coach gave me." His coach calls him "widget" cause he is small, fiesty, and can wiggle around anyone.

Youngest son heard this conversation, because it was right before we were going to pray, and asked "Mom, what gift did God give to me? God gave brother the gift of being small, what did He give me?" That brought a tear to my eye. Youngest brother was seeing older brothers size as a gift and was able to verbalize that in front of his brother. That widget's size was a gift from God.
(youngest son is almost the size of widget and they are almsot 4 years apart).

I did proceed to tell youngest son that God gave him the gift of making everyone feel loved, accepted and special. He really has a heart for people, no matter the age, race, disability etc. It does not matter if he doesn't know you, he will just go up to you and start a conversation. Usually it starts with a compliment "I like your shirt" or "Your hair is beautiful". This is a God given gift. If you are ever down, visit with youngest son. He is sure to lift your spirits and by the end tell you "You are gorgeous." with all the hugs you can stand. I then will get his impression "Mom, that was a really nice person. I think they were glad I talked to them. Maybe they were lonely." Then he runs off to the next thing. What a gift!

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Anonymous said...

Kim you and Scott are doing such an awesome job with your children! They are truely special and I know thats because of your careful and diligent work to point them to their Creator and Maker. In all the love and acceptance that you lavish on them you are reflecting God's love and character to them. Blessings.