Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marathon cleaning

Tomorrow night our small group starts back up and we always meet at our house. We are fortunate to have a house that we can have the adults downstairs and send the kids upstairs to the other side of the house. It works out very well as it gives both groups their own space without interfering with each other. Only occassionally do we hear the screams of excitement from the kids. We have one of the teens from church come over and oversee the kids while we meet. Our oldest son is a big helper, but we usually have 10 kids and that is just a little beyond his capability of entertaining all of them for an hour and a half.

So today is the marathon cleaning day to get the house ready for everyone to come. We absolutely love small group, and are grateful to be able to have a place that works well for everyone with kids (we didn't want "I didn't have a babysitter" to be a factor). However, my weakness is then completely exposed!! I struggle with keeping this house the way it should be for guests. I may have the living room clean, but don't go to my bedroom. I may have the upstairs rec. room clean, but do not go in the downstairs playroom. I may have the dog area clean, but don't go see the bunny. I just can never manage to get it the way I would like it and KEEP it that way. So we end up enlisting the kids and have these marathon cleaning days before we have anyone over. Because when we have small group, the entire house is open to all. Yikes! I no longer have all my hiding spots.

I just wish that if God called us to be small group leaders, He would have gifted me with the gift of hospitality and house cleaning. Ugh.

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