Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Day

Today was one of those rainy days that I dream of. A great day just to curl up and do nothing but read a book.

Well, maybe if I didn't have kids. Actually today we had 1 flag football practice for widget and one soccer game for younger brother. We made it through the football practice unscathed and made it 1 quarter through the soccer game when the sky fell out on us.

We were watching the game and periodically looking up at the sky, that seemed to get darker by minute. Whew! We had made it through 1st quarter and we were still dry. The 2nd quarter started and the drops began to fall, but just sprinkling. No problem we had an unbrella and these really cool chairs my mom had brought. They had a canopy over the chair which acted like an umbrella. So we were still staying dry under the canopy chairs and umbrella. Whew! Made it through the second quarter.
Then the third quarter started and the rain started picking up. It was no longer a sprinkle, it was pretty much a down pour. My mom, baby girl and I were hunkered down under the canopy chairs with blankets and sweaters over us trying to keep dry. Hubby was out cheering his son on, so he was soaked to the bone in no time. Oldest son was running things back to the car, so he was soaked too. Widget had brought his game boy, so he was hiding under the umbrella determined to protect it.

By the end of the third quarter it was raining so hard they called the game. It was a tough game too, noone had scored yet. Our soccer player was so excited to be playing in the rain, he didn't want to stop. But I was very thankful they called the game. I couldn't wait to be on the couch with a book, a cup of coffee, while I listened to the rain come down. Well that didn't happen either.

Instead when I came home, I saw the dishes needed to be done, the laundry needed to be rebooted (FLYLADY's term for switching the loads and getting it all started again), babygirl needed a nap, etc. So my dream of chillaxing during the rainy day didn't happen. But I did spend some time cleaning and had the most fun playing store, kitchen, and tea party with baby girl. Now that I wouldn't trade!

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