Friday, September 12, 2008

Middle school soccer game today

Today is oldest son's first soccer game with the middle school team. I had asked him to not try out for middle school sports until this year. He was so kind to agree, and played rec. sports until now. His school is 30 minutes away, and the logistics of after school practices or games every day was a little more than I could handle (especially with 3 other kids sports schedules and me having to work). But being in 8th grade, I wanted him to have the opportunity to do so if he made the teams, which he did. We thankfully have another family who lives up here who also have a son on the team, so we are able to carpool. Praise God for car pools!

So today is the first game. WooHoo!! He was told yesterday, he would be in the starting line up for defense. He was hoping for offense. Oldest son said he just wasn't performing well with his shooting, so understood the coaches decision. He is open to learning defense, and will probably suit him just fine. He is thrilled to be a starter, no matter where it is. Well...... except for goalie. Can't wait for the game to day!! GO JAGS!!!

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