Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twas the Night Before School

Twas the night before school and all through the house not a creature was stirring..............

Well that last part was not quite right with this household. What a night we had. Three out of the 4 kids were just too excited and nervous to go to sleep. And the one who could sleep had forgotten to print out his 3 book reports that were due the first day of school.

Youngest daughter had so many questions. She would ask "Now, tell me again what kind of snacks I might have". And "what if I don't have to go to the bathroom at the bathroom break time. " Also "Is it ok for me to just say teacher if I forget my teachers name?" And so on for the next 2 1/2 exhausting hours. She finally drifted off to sleep at 10:30, much too late for my 4 year old.

We also had 2nd son who just could not get settled. He was just so ready to hop on the bus and see his old friends. Since school is 30 min. away for him, he gets lots of time to play his game boy with his friends. So he finally ends up in my bed and drifted off some time between 10 and 10:30.

Youngest son fell asleep quickly, only to wake up many times throughout the night. He finally settles completely by 3:30am.

Oldest son wakes up at 4am and says he just can't get back to sleep. Off to get some warm milk for him. He seems to settle down with that. Only to have youngest daughter wake up at 4:30am with all the same questions she had before going to sleep. AHHH!! Finally around 6am her questions are answered and she drifts off to sleep. Whew!

As I get ready to climb into bed, I realize it is time for me to go wake up the older 2 boys to get them off for their first day of school. And so my morning goes on with the little sleep, if any, that I had. Praise God it was not one of my work days where I would be responsible for patients lives!

I was a little anxious myself, especially with dropping youngest daughter off. She has been saying daily that she will cry when she goes to school. We talked about it and away to school she went. WITHOUT ANY TEARS!!!! So the morning goes on and I have a nice breakfast with some friends. It was a back to school celebration to reclaim our homes from the summer chaos.

I pick up youngest daughter and she did well. She did have 2 times when she had tears, but her teacher said it did not last long. Whew! Tomorrow will be a new test for her as she will need to stay all day. I will be glad when that day is over too. Now I wait until the time when I need to go get they 3 other boys from school and hear about their day. I think I will take a nap before then though. Good night!

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