Friday, May 15, 2009

16 more days

That's right 16 more school days until the last kid is done with school!!!!!

I can't wait.

No more getting kids up at 6:15am.
No more running out the door to make the bus.
No more packing 4 lunches.
No more checking Math homework.
No more projects.
No more quizzing spelling words.
No more vocab. quizzing.
No more having to wash uniforms.
No more making sure gym clothes are clean.
No more carpools.
No more "My stomach hurts. I need to stay home."
No more "Where is your belt, and jacket."
No more "Oh no! I forgot....(fill in the blank)"
No more book reports.
No more phonics test to help study for.
No more looking for last minute show and tell.

AHHHHH!!!!!!! School is tough work for me. Man oh man. Making sure all 4 kids stay on top of things. I think I am more excited for the kids to be out than the kids are.

Here's to looking forward to summer break!

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