Friday, May 22, 2009

Encouraging words

It's amazing how powerful encouraging words can be to someone.

To have someone say "you look nice" can give your posture a little lift as you walk a little taller.
To hear someone say "you are so smart" can make you feel so intelligent and wise, you are ready to write that book..
To hear the words "you are so strong" makes you feel you can climb Mt Everest.
To hear someone say "your children are a blessing" gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and relief that maybe you are doing it the way God wants you to.

Saying encouraging words is not my strength. I so want to be better at encouraging others. I want to be used by God to bring that needed "lift me up". I want to spur my loved ones (family, friends and those around me) with their walk with the Lord. To encourage them to keep strong in raising their children in a Godly way. Someone did that for me yesterday, and what a blessing that was for me to hear. It certainly does give me a push to endure the difficult times.

To that I say THANK YOU!!!!!

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