Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A month to go

Today is exactly one month until our first 5K run. Uh oh.

I feel as though I am going backwards in my exercise. Yikes. I ran last week or was it the week before? Hmmm. Not sure. When I did, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill. I was sooo tired by the time I was done. I was bored too. It took me 51 minutes to run the 4 miles. I have yet to run on the road or on a track. I think I need to do that soon.

Lately I have just felt so unmotivated to exercise. Maybe it is all this dreary rain we have had. It seems to be an unusual amount of rain. So many days in a row.

The weight loss has continued at a snails pace, still going, just ever so slow. I am at a total of 13 pounds lost as of yesterday. I am pleased that I am still at least going in the right direction, down instead of up. I still have a long way to go...20 more pounds at the minimum, 24 pounds preferably. I have not been strict with my diet, and therefore the snails pace. But I want this to be a life style change not a diet. So I allow myself a brownie if I want it, it is just one brownie not 3. Or if I want ice cream, I don't have a bowl full, I have a weight watchers ice cream bar for 130 calories. Better choices is what I am trying to do, and better portion control as well.

It took me many years and 5 pregnancies to put this weight on, it is not going to come off overnight. If it did, it would be so unhealthy and would surely all come back and then some. So I am trying to do it right. To do it a way in which I can live with for the rest of my life not just a period of time.

I guess I better get out there and start running so I know I can be ready for the 5K. Yikes, I have only a month left to prepare! At least I have 13 less pounds to be dragging along. That should make it a tad easier. I hope.


christie said...

definitely don't judge your 5k ability on a treadmill run! i absolutely HATE running on the treadmill...but outside, i can just run and run (not a fast run, but a long distance moderately paced run is great). if you can do 4 miles on a treadmill, the 5k will seem much easier because you are moving and making progress and can see where you're going, instead of staring at the minutes and mileage display on the treadmill. congrats on the exercise and weight loss plan and progress! :)

Oneneedler said...

Thanks for the encouragement Christie!!!