Monday, May 25, 2009

An evening of baseball

Youngest son and his class made a banner for this special minor league baseball game. They earned free tickets and had the priviledge of walking out on the field and having their school announced for particpitating in "Hit the books" campaign. Youngest son was so excited to do this. This first picture is the banner his class made.
Here is youngest son and I after he walked the field.

Here is a pic of the family.
This was youngest son walking on the field. Look at that smile.

Lastly we enjoyed fireworks after the game.

We had two bonus things that night. First our team won...woohoo. And second was a promotion by Applebee's. If our team was able to get 3 strike outs in the 9th inning, every one in the stadium would receive a $5 coupon to Applebee's. Our pitcher pulled it out for us and struck 3 guys out. Woohoo!! We received $30 in coupons to Applebee's and the game was free to us too. JACKPOT!!!!!!! What a fun night!

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