Saturday, May 2, 2009


Spring is here. This so far, is the first spring in a long, long time, that I can remember not being so totally busy that I don't know which end is up.

Normally we are living at the baseball field, eating at the baseball field, and sometime someone is sleeping at the ballfield. Not this year though.

We did not sign up the younger 2 kids for ball this spring. Instead they want to take a tennis clinic, and cheerleading clinic which will happen in the summer. Hey, I am for spreading the sports around so I don't go completely nuts like every other spring.

We are still able to enjoy ballgames through oldest son, as he is playing on the middle school team. Widget is playing soccer. We love to watch him play, but I think he is getting either tired or bored with it. He wants to play tackle football come fall. Yikes. We will see on that one.

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