Saturday, May 2, 2009

Want to do something fun?

Last week I got a text while I was at work from Hubby. It said "Want to do something fun?"

After nearly passing out (It was a school night, I had to work the next day, and hubby is not a spontaneous type of guy) I texted back "YES!!!!". That was my exact response. Then he texted "Want to go to the beach, have dinner and walk the boardwalk, and get funnel cake?"

What? Are you kidding me? That is one of my favorite things to do. Of course I want to do that.

Wait a minute. My hubby is being spontaneous and asking me if I want to do one of my favorite things. Hmmmmm. Now, I am getting suspicious. I am thinking he has something up his sleeves. It could be good news, so he is in the mood to spoil me. Or it could be bad news so he is buttering me up. Hmmmm. The wheels are turning. He had been in meetings all day. I wonder what is going on.

Well, after getting the kids from school and ball practice. The kids were not so keen on our idea. They were tired and didn't want to be out late. PARTY POOPERS!!! Aren't mom and dad supposed to be the party poopers? So we do a modified version and go to the mall get dinner at the food court for one specific reason......they sell funnel cakes there! LOL.

Then we proceed to a nearby park that has a walking trail and several different playgrounds along the trail. Oldest son was not excited at all about this. His response was "Oh great the younger kids will have fun on playground, you and dad will be talking, so what does that leave me doing? This is going to be so boring!" The joys of having a 13 year old.

Oh phooey on you, was what I wanted to say, but I let it go. Well off we go. As soon as we are out of the car the kids dash for this real cannon that was used a way back when. Next thing I see is oldest son, climbing on it with the other kids, sticking his head in the barrel. Boring eh? So we proceed along our walk and come to the first playground and all are playing on it and even hubby and I were swinging on the swings. They had a high bar and oldest son was showing off how many chin ups he could do. I was impressed. I couldn't do a single one. LOL.

We proceed along the path and start having running races. Then we come to a fountain and the kids are all loving playing in the water and throwing coins in making wishes. Then we walk some more and stumble upon some fitness station so we are all seeing if we could jump on the logs that are standing straight up. Now that was interesting. Back on the trail for some more walking and playgrounds. We found lots of wild life. The kids spotted a Blue Heron. Oldest son is carrying babygirl on his shoulders and they are laughing. I asked oldest son "Was it as bad as you thought it would be?" He looked at me with this sheepish grin and said "No, it was actually pretty fun." I give him a half hug, smiled, and thanked him for giving it a try. I am so grateful he wasn't determined to be bored.

Time to leave and the kids were not ready, including oldest son. Ok, 10 more minutes. After all they were all getting along and having a blast.

That gave hubby and I time to talk. "Ok what is this all about?"
"What? Nothing?"
"Nope. Nothing other than I just wanted to woo you and I know you like this kind of thing. I just want to court you."

AWWWWWWW! If that wasn't the sweetest. I love my Hubby! Too bad I was wondering what was up all evening instead of enjoying what was going on. That will teach me to look into everything, instead of just enjoying the moment.

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