Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A fun day

WooHoo!! I am so excited. I got a little more Christmas shopping done today. I took babygirl to the dentist and did a little shopping with her afterwards.

I will tell you....

I am having so much fun this year shopping with babygirl. She loves to shop and is good at it, especially for a 4 yr old. I never really liked to shop, but it is fun with her.

The other great thing is...I was able to get my mom and mother in law's presents. Sometimes they can be very difficult to buy for. Now all I need to do is get them little gifts from the kids. But what a relief. Whew!!

I was also able to get hubby's gift. I hope he will like it. I definitely went out of the normal gifts zone on this one. So we will have to see. But it feels great to get some of those out of the way.

Next I will have to wrap them. I already have PLENTY of paper. Probably too much. But better too much than not enough.

I still have no idea what to get hubby's grandmother. UGH!!

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