Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Making memories

Today has been a blast. My kids are off school all week. That is definitely one perk to sending them all to private school. LOL. So many families take this entire week off for vacationing or visiting family, that they just decide to close the school for everyone. HOORAY!!!! That means no lunches to pack, no getting up at 5:45am, no homework, no running out to get them at the bus stop, no having to go to bed by a certain time. IT IS AWESOME. I do love it when my kids are all home.

Today we broke out the cookbooks and had each child decide on what christmas cookie they wanted to help make. We agreed to make 2 kids today and 2 kids tomorrow. We decided that the 2 cookie recipes we would make today would be the ones I had all the ingredients for. Made sense to me. I was not planning on going to the store today and I know I will be out tomorrow for Thanksgiving ingredients as well.

So Babygirl was first up, she was the one who suggested we make cookies today. She chose double chocolate cookies with chocolate chips. No that is definitely my daughter!!!!! Since it was her cookie recipe, she was able to get one extra cookie. Who ever picked the cookie, they get an extra cookie of that recipe. The kids love it and feel so special, that they get an extra cookie of their favorite kind.

Next was widget, he decided on snickerdoodles. He loves cinnamon!
Tomorrow we will be making oatmeal raisin for oldest son, and youngest son chose chocolate sugar cookies. YUMMY!!!

I just love making these memories with my kids, and they love helping to make them too. Its so fun to see the kids get all into it and take it seriously yet having a ball with it. Gotta love it!

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