Sunday, October 12, 2008

Babygirl's response to a funeral

Yesterday we attended the funeral of one of our dear friends' father. This man was 91 years old and was ready to go home to be with the Lord. We took all our children, as we wanted to pay tribute to our friend as a family. It also gave the kids a chance to experience a funeral without having the grief of knowing the person who died.

It sparked all kinds of questions from them. The cutest one came from my little babygirl.
She asked "How did he die, mommy?"
I wasn't really sure what the specific cause of death was so I answered "He was old honey, and he was ready to go to heaven to be with Jesus."
This was not a sufficient answer for her. This is a girl who always asks me "Mommy, when you went to work, did you cut anyone open?" or "Do you have any blood on you?" or "Mommy, will you tell me everything you did today at work, even about the needles?" I believe she may be headed for the medical profession.
Anyways she wanted more specifics, "But HOW did he die? What happened?"
So I told her "I think his heart was tired and stopped working."
Her response was " Did his heart come unplugged?"
The results from living in the electronic age. LOL.

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