Thursday, October 16, 2008

Picture Day

In my earlier post, I was deciding what to dress my kids in for their school pics. Well I decided to go for the holiday look. But that may not be what I end up getting.

Why? Let me tell you why.

Since today was picture day, I told work I would be coming in late so I could be there to help out babygirl. She does not like her picture taken by strangers, especially men and I knew the photogragher was a man. So we get up early. We get the hair done, the dress and bloomers on (she insists on bloomers so noone can see her panties, even if they are covered up with stockings), the stockings and dress shoes on. We get to school early. The photographer is busy taking pictures and we wait our turn. If you get siblings pictured together you can do them in the morning, individuals are to be taken as a class. Since we were going to do siblings, we could get their individual done then too.

We waited our turn about 30 minutes and as soon as I go through the door, babygirl breaks out in tears and clinging to me like her life depends on it. I try to convince, bribe, you name it, to get her picture done. But nope, she wouldn't do it. Ugh!

The photographer is a great guy and says "Let's try it with her class. A lot of times they do much better without M-O-M." I tell him "I tried to do it this way because she doesn't do well with M-E-N". He says "Thats fine, but I really think when she sees her friends do it, she will do it too." So I take a deep breath and say "Ok." and take her to her class.

I had brought clothes to change her into so she would be comfortable the rest of the day. Now I would not be able to do that, and school would not be doing that. I warned her. She would now be in her dress all day. Her sweet teacher said she would help babygirl get her picture done. So I leave for work.

After work I go pick her up from school and see her class is outside on the playground. As I approach her I see she now has a hole in her stocking, her dress and dress shoes are dirty. "That's ok" I think to myself, she already had her picture taken and I can clean her dress and shoes. As soon as she sees me she says "No picture mom."
I really hope I didn't hear what I thought I just heard. I caustiously ask her "What do you mean no picture?"
She says "I didn't take my picture. I just cried." Now I want to cry.
Are you kidding me? All the preps to get ready, going in late to work, staying in her dress all day, getting it dirty and a hole in her stockings and what do we have for it....

but more laundry!!!!!

I am just a tad frustrated!!!! And I still have a picture to get of her. They said we could try again tomorrow. Like I want to do that all over again.

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D.S. Smith said...

I'll help with the laundry! =)