Friday, October 17, 2008

She did it, tears and all

She did it. We decided after much talking that we would go ahead and try her pictures again. Babygirl said she would do it with a smile. So we do all the preps this morning. We found a different outfit, still a holiday outfit, just a black velvet pant set with ruffles all over.

Well we get to school and wait in line, again. This time only 15 minutes. We walk in the door, and it is de- jah-vu (sp?) and her arms get tighter around me and the tears start flowing. We watch her brother get his picture done. Then it is her turn. I put her on the chair after much convincing and tears streaming down her face. The photographer is going to get their picture together but she is sitting their with tears. He asks "Is it ok to take a crying picture?"
My response "Absolutely. It will capture her where she really is today." So he starts flashing away and saying all kinds of silly things. And her fortitude with crying is starting to break and you see a slight smirk. She is laughing on the inside but trying with all her might not to show it. Finally she caves and starts laughing out loud.
I think we will end up with some really good pictures. I hope so anyways. What an ordeal!

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