Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oldest son blowing out the candles, and friend drinking cream soda.

Oldest son- Good form

The guys bowling.

The guys checking out their score.

Oldest son's birthday party was a success. All the boys were able to come and all spent the night. It was great fun watching them all interact with each other. We really wanted Oldest son's 13th birthday to be a milestone and something he remembered with fond memories. Even though we look at his birthday day and his party, it doesn't really seem like it was all that "special" or "out of the norm". But for him it was, it was a special time for him. He had such a great time, now widget wants to do the exact same thing for his birthday this year. I had to veto him, and tell him he could when he turned 13. Oh boy was he majorly bummed. He has to wait 2 more years. Here are some pics of the party.
I was completely surprised by one aspect of the party. I was expecting to be feeding hungry, growing teenage boys. So we got 5 pizzas; 4 thick with one being loaded with meat, pepperoni, cheese, and one thin pizza. Hoping that would be enough and if not we had plenty of junk food (chips,etc.) to supplement the meal. How many do you think 6 teenage boys plus our family of 5 ate? A shockingly 2 pizzas! We had 3 pizzas left over. I couldn't believe it. We are still eating left over pizza. The next morning they did make up for it and ate over 36 pancakes and numerous patties of sausage. I should have fed them the left over pizza. LOL.
All in all it was a great time. My oldest son has a great bunch of friends, who my hubby and I really like. That means alot.

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