Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is my.......

I think I have a case of losing my mind. Well, maybe not my mind, but everything else.

I keep losing, or shall I say...misplacing things. It is so frustrating. I have spent more time this past week looking for things.

It started off with me losing my keys. I am known to misplace my keys, but they usually end up in the same few places (key rack, by my laptop, or by the coffee maker). But they were not in any of those places. I had them sunday to drive home from church, so I knew they were in the house someplace...But where? The house was clean sunday for small group, so all the possible hiding spots were no longer hiding spots. Thankfully we have spare keys that I can use in the meantime.

Next, I realize I cannot find my lab jacket for work. What? Now where in the world is that? It is not in the laundry and it is not hanging up. Good grief. Plus I am still looking for my keys.

The next day is our anniversary and we are heading to Annapolis MD so I want to bring my light jacket in case it gets a little chilly by the water. So I go to the closet and it is not there. I go upstairs and downstairs looking for my jacket. You have got to be kidding me, it is nowhere to be seen. So I grab another windbreaker.

I am starting to feel like there is someone sneaking into my house and taking just my things. Or maybe we have an invisible friend who keeps taking my things. I know it sounds crazy, but where is my stuff?

AHA!! I find my lab jacket. It was folded up instead of hanging up. Whew! Ok maybe there are not little gobblins running around taking my things. But where are my keys?

The next day we have the funeral. Everyone is piled into my Expedition waiting for Mom to give the spare keys to Dad so we can leave. OH NO!! Where are the spare keys? I look in all my usual spots. Not there. I go upstairs and downstairs tearing the house keys. This is ridiculous! Thankfully hubby has one more spare key (he never told me about this set) in his work bag. Whew. Well now we are a few minutes late to the funeral. :(

The saga continues after we get home from the funeral. I look around where is my purse? The phone rings shortly after that with hubby's aunt on the line saying she has my purse, I left it in the kitchen at church. Whew! At least that wasn't lost for longer than a few minutes (that I realized anyways). And do you know what else? I found the spare keys in my purse!! WooHoo! One set found, one more to go.

Sunday rolls around and lo and behold guess what my husband finds? You got it. MY KEYS!! They somehow had fallen off the key rack and fell into a shoe, that got moved around behind some jackets that are on some low hooks. No wonder I couldn't find them. I did put them where they belonged.
Then when I went to work this morning I found my light jacket. I left it at work, because when I came in it was cold, but when I left it was hot, so I did not remember I had a jacket. So here I am thinking this misplacing thing has got to be over. Thank goodness!! Well that was until I came home from work today and couldn't find my beeper. AAAHHHH!!! I sometimes think, if my head wasn't attached I would forget that too!!!


Maria said...

Kim, man you had it rough there for a minute (or a few days!) but boy was it entertaining to read!!!

My Little Nest said...

Having kids will do that to you! Hope you don't lose anything else.