Monday, October 6, 2008

ER visit

It's official. We now have officially had all 4 kids to the emergency room at some point in their young lives. I thought it might be a boy thing. You know how rough and tumbly and adventurous they are. I never thought baby girl would end up in an ER unless maybe she got really sick, but not for an injury.

Well, babygirl had a little incident on saturday that had us in the ER that evening. I will just say that she fell on an open drawer on a very sensitive spot. This caused her great pain when having to relieve herself. Pain that caused her to scream and refuse to relieve herself, which caused even more discomfort. Of course this was at 7pm on a sat. night. We call the MD on call, and indeed they want her seen.

We travel on down the road and go to the ER. She was crying on the way. She is very private, she didn't want anyone to see her (MD or not) she just wanted the pain to go away . I tried to reassure her, that it would be ok. I would be with her holding her hand the entire time. When the time came, she was a true champion. She may not have liked it or even understood why we had to go through all this, but she trusted me. She trusted in my love for her that I would do what was best for her. As her mom, I knew she needed the doctors care in order for her to get better. (She did need lidocaine and antibiotics).

I am not trying to be vulgar or graphic with telling you this. But it got me thinking. Isn't this how God deals with us? Sometimes God allows us to go through difficult things to protect us from even worse things. Like when I allow the nurse to give my kids an immunization. I am allowing the nurse to put my child through pain. I know in the long run, that it is by far better for them to experience the pain of one needle than to be spared the needle and get the disease later on in life. Or like with my daughter, if I did not have her examined, she would not have gotten the medications to allow her to go to the bathroom instead of holding it and medicine to prevent an infection. These 2 things could have become a nightmare of a problem if not addressed at the beginning of the trauma. Yes, it was uncomfortable and difficult for her, but needed in order to prevent things getting worse.

Sometimes we need to go through the discomfort and pain in order for us to grow (or get better) or even to be protected from something even worse. We may be scared and confused about why we are going through a difficult time. Maybe even wondering why God would allow us to be hurt. But we need to take God's hand in these times, trusting His love for us. That He wants and knows what is the best for us. He knows the outcome, who better to trust than the One who knows the answers. It doesn't mean we have to like or understand what we are going through.

We just need to trust Him no matter what.

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