Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Day

My oldest son's birthday was a hit. Even though he did have school, he had a great day and thanked his dad and I several times on his way to bed.

As a tradition, since the kids have been old enough to enjoy movies, hubby takes the birthday kid to the movies. Some times they are picked up at lunch time and have a half day, and other times they get picked up right after school.

Well, the birthday boy did not want to miss his afternoon classes and then have make up work, so he chose to stay all day and get picked up after school. Hubby picked him up and had a chance to walk the mall and do some "men" shopping before the movie. It was a great chance for hubby and birthday boy to have heart to heart talks. Quality time is definitely oldest son's love language (The 5 love languages by Gary Chapman).

They then proceeded to the movies and saw Eagle Eye. Which they said was a very good movie. Afterwards, they headed to Verizon to check out cell phones. Oldest son was contemplating upgrading his cell phone as part of his birthday present, but they decided against it. He is like me...stays with what he knows, until it doesn't work anymore.

On the way home they stopped and got one of his favorites...crab cakes... and bought enough for the entire family. They were delicious, yummy! Then came the cake and presents. He was just a glowing when he went to bed.

This friday he is having his first sleepover party. He has gone to many, and has had many friends over to spend the night, but it has always been just one friend at a time. Should prove to be an interesting night. At least I have several nights before then to get some sleep. LOL.

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