Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Big One Five!

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow hubby and I will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary! It's hard to believe it has been that long, yet it also feels like forever.

As I look back and reflect on the years it is amazing to see the road we have traveled. We certainly have had our ups and downs. Some of the lows were so low, it is only by the grace of God we are still together. Yet some of the highs are the best times of my life.

We have learned ALOT these past few years. We have grown and matured in our faith, in our marriage, even in our parenting. It came down to giving ourselves 100% to the Lord. Whatever, wherever, however, whenever you want me Lord, and I will go. It didn't just happen instantly though.

A couple of years ago we came to one of those really low points in our marriage. We even pondered if we should continue with our union. (We don't believe in divorce, but the thought was definitely in my mind). We sought counsel from an Elder at church. We began working on our relationship with the Lord first and than with one another. Things changed when we fully (not holding back anything) surrendered and made Christ, LORD of our lives and not just our Savior. Our marriage was no longer about getting through the day and all the logistics with the kids (you get this one, I'll get that one. This one has practice,that one has a dentist appt). It became about experiencing life together, and all the God has in store for us. I just wish we had not wasted so many years with an ok marriage (and ok spiritual walk) when it could be what it is today. AWESOME!!!! I am truely so in love with my hubby, that sometimes I feel like a giddy little school girl.

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