Thursday, October 2, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes.

My young son has fared well the last few nights and has not suffered with any more growing pains. He thought last night he might need some Motrin so he asked "Mom, I think I might need Motrin tonight for my legs." I needed to remind young son he could not have motrin, just in case he might need it. I had a similar conversation with widget some time ago. (They like the taste of it, so any little ache or pain, they would ask for Motrin.)

My conversation with widget went a little like this:
"Mom, my feet are hurting. Can I have some Motrin?"

I asked "Do they really hurt, or just a little?" He was not acting like he was in any kind of discomfort.

Widget says "They just hurt and Motrin will take the pain away."

"But, son, it is not good to take medicine all the time for just a little pain."

"Why not?"

The nurse in me comes out "Too much motrin can hurt your kidneys."

He was pondering this then asked "What happens to you, if you have too much motrin?"

A little puzzled I answered "It would hurt my kidneys, too"

His response "But you don't have 'kid knees' you have grown up knees."

LOL. Out of the mouth of babes!

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